Sasha-lee S

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  • Name:
    Sasha-lee S
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  • Height:
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  • Dress:
    8 UK
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  • Hips:
  • Shoes:
    4.0 EU
  • Located:
    Cape Town


Higher Education - Bachelor's Degree specialising in BSc Medical Bioscience at University of Western Cape

Promotions Experience

i have done promtional work for the following companies:
Afriflavours, where we handed out samples of different juices and explain their contents and health benefits in 2018
Jellybean Events, this job required me to dress up as one of Santa's elves or easter bunnies while entertaining children in the mall (pick n pay) whilst promoting the company to the parents. I worked for this company during christmas and easter times in 2018 and 2019
Double Trouble, working at the CTICC during the MamaMagic expo in 2019
Honda, i was required to promote the company and conduct surveys for research purposes for the company to help with the manufacturing of new cars and identifying their target market. i worked in 2018 and 2019 June holidays.
In January 2020, i have done alcohol promotions for Budweiser at Premium sports bar for a Liverpool and Manchester United soccer match.
On Valentine’s Day (14 February 2020) I promoted Graham Beck wine at the Forester Arms restaurant and pub in Newlands.

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