Sabrina R

Brand Ambassador's Profile

  • Name:
    Sabrina R
  • Age:
  • Height:
  • Hair:
  • Eyes:
  • Dress:
    6 UK
  • Cup:
  • Hips:
  • Shoes:
    5.0 EU
  • Located:
    Cape Town

Promotions Experience

I've organized a fashion show as well as participated in the Define Fashion show which was held at the Portuguese Club , I promoted Temptations Lingerie, Daisy Island Clothing, Labels Jeans, Swim wear from Portugal as well as evening wear . The fashion show was a success and the clients were satisfied.I entered the King and Queen of the sea(Portuguese beauty pageant) and won the title of being Queen of the sea in 2007.I have also presented the King and Queen of the Sea in front of more than 500 viewers. I have handed out flier's on the side of the street. If you would like to know more feel free to contact me:)

Modelling Details

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