Mthembiseni N

Brand Ambassador's Profile

  • Name:
    Mthembiseni N
  • Age:
  • Hair:
  • Eyes:
  • Suit:
    32 EU
  • Shoes:
    8.0 EU
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Casting Details

In 2012 Keleketla library based at the Drill hall a historical site in Joburg produced a teentalk show took place at the Constitutional Court in  Braamfontain and it was about unity and protection of  migrants violated in South Africa through  xenophobic attacks and various witnesses and victims where invited for interviewing and I was an ice breaker facilitator of which I was getting people into the good mood and so, for the show to be fun and everyone participating and it was such a great experience because it was my first cast  and I had to meet different audince and people with different personalities and the show had it's own energy of expirience

Talent Details

Actor - Theatre
Dancer - Street
Musician - DJ
Musician - Singer
Musician - Other
other talents:
Soccer player

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