Jamie S

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    Jamie S
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    8 UK
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    5.0 EU
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Promotions Experience

I have been involved in promotions/modelling and hostessing for 5 years and have worked on all types of campaigns. �I have worked in every major club in Cape Town (Ftv, Tiger Tiger, Hemisphere, St Yves, Karma, Fez and Trinity etc) and have worked at large events such as the J&B met and the Queen's Plate as a hostess and at several private functions. I have worked for brands such as Peroni, Miller (all other leading beer brands), cigar companies, energy drinks, pepsi, coke, cellular companies etc (the list goes on and on). Besides for promotions, I have had a number of hostessing and modelling jobs. I have worked for raceweb.co.za and modelled several times for their large racing events. I am currently a brand ambassador for BlackBerry smartphones. 

I've travelled to the Seychelles to hostess and lived in Macau for 6 months working as a hostess at the Venetian Hotel, the largest hotel in the world 

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