Eva M

Brand Ambassador's Profile

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    Eva M
  • Age:
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  • Eyes:
  • Dress:
    30 EU
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  • Chest:
  • Waist:
  • Hips:
  • Shoes:
    3.5 EU
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Promotions Experience

I have been working for TCC Brand from 2007 as a Promoter/Demonstrator being involved on the following:
• demonstrating and promoting products to create public interest in buying them.
• provides information that helps consumers make educated choices among the wide variety of products and services available.
• create public interest in buying a product by demonstrating it to prospective customers and answering their questions.
• promotes sales of a product to consumers, while trying to induce retail stores to sell particular products and market them effectively.
• attract an audience by offering samples, distributing prizes, and using direct-mail advertising.
• greet and catch the attention of possible customers and quickly identify those who are interested and qualified.
• inform and educate customers about the features of products and demonstrate their use with apparent ease to inspire confidence in the product and its manufacturer.
• distribute information, such as brochures and applications.
• promoting in retail and grocery stores, shopping malls, trade shows, and outdoor fairs, locations are selected based on both the nature of the product and the type of audience.

Contact Us about Eva M

If you want to apply with us as a promotional model and/or event staff and have experience, are hard-working, dependable, and outgoing, please go to our application page by clicking here.

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