Zee Z

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    Zee Z
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    44 EU
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    8.0 EU
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I work as an Educator in the training and development field for adult learning. I am 23 years of age; I am an energetic, inspired and impulsive person. Creativity runs through my veins, as I am a musician as well. I play a little key board, drums and guitar; my specialty is singing and music programming. I have been performing live for 6 years now; I have supported international acts as well. I have recorded 2 albums and am currently working on my first house album. I have appeared on K-TV to perform a song of my bands demo and my music is available at www.myspace.com/firelikeyou and on face book. I have completed a number of photo shoots and am looking for the extreme and exciting. I would love to be in the modeling field and acting field.

Promotions Experience

I have not done promotion before, but i have a certificate in sales. I training and running OJT contact centres. I am a motivational and public speaker, My content is designed, developed and delivered by me. I have experience in the cellular, digital satilite television industry and designing content for external clients.

Modelling Details

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Casting Details

I have not prior experience, however I have shoot music video's and perform at live events, I have 300 gigs to my name.
I have no specialism to make mention of.

Talent Details

other talents:
Artist - oil paints

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