storm D

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    storm D
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    10.0 EU
  • Located:
    Cape Town


Hi there!

I was born and raised in Cape town and now currently in my 5th year of medical school at UCT. I've been involved in music and performace for most of my life having picked up a saxophone at age 10. While still at school and later while at UCT I juggled my studies and that of performing sax. I've played with countless bands at every occassion, live music shows at the barnyard theatre, grand west and waterfront, as well as playing with DJ's (e.g. Dino Moran) at some of Cape Town's top night clubs, bars and lounges. I perfom solo or with DJ's and other musicians to suite every occassion including weddings, corporate and personal events to name a few. I also play flute, guitare and the conga's as well as a few other instruments.

My other passions include salsa. I am now a salsa instructor working for The Salsa Studio based in long street. And lastly I have been involved in competitive yacht racing based at the Royal Cape Yacht club for the past 6 years and gained much ocean experience.

I am honest, reliable and friendly, always willing to go the extra distance all while enjoying life!

Modelling Details

models in:
Cape Town

Casting Details

None. I have not done any castings as of yet.
Most certainly jobs that involve musicianship and dance.

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