Molly B

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    Molly B
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    32 EU
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  • Chest:
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    7.0 EU
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I am a stong believer in what i do and what i set out to do.I am an axcellent leader and pride my self in my honesty,manners and self belief.I am all for the environment and do what i can to help out.I hope to one day make a difference in the world by reaching out to people to help understand how to better look after the planet.I have an attractive funny personality and good at sports.I enjoy a good healthy challenge and strive to do what is good and right.Absolutly love to be around people and feed off good vibes.I believe we are as good as the people we choose we assosiate our selves with and only as good as we strive to be.So always try to be better.I am very sympathetic when needed and stern as well.Right now im getting the best out of life and looking for the next best thing.

Promotions Experience

As a promoter i have had many oppertunities and experiences in the fieild.I have done many promotions to name some are,Vodacom(head promoter,large campaign dealing with internet set up and helping to work the vodacom network)Protex,Colgate,Nestle,Nutriday,Bonaqua,Many wines,Many food tastings amoung others.

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Most sports
Belly Dancing

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